Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday Musings

UAE Life

I am starting a new series about general things I've noticed found interesting said what the heck. I am starting my third month of my third year here and I want to remind myself of the wild and crazy things I used to notice about life here. Back when it seemed all exciting, shiny, and new.  Before it became normal.


Camels, sheep, and goats oh my! Animals are often seen in open type pick up trucks going for a ride on regular surface streets and the highway (or UAE's version of one).  Camels especially always excite me when I see them just chilling and enjoying the wind in their hair. Expect to see this crazy sight at least once a week.


British spellings are more common here than American English so get used to taking the lift to your flat.  They also drink tea a lot here...



The tea here is in tiny little espresso type cups and can be served to you in your school by a girl who's only job description is to make the tea and keep it coming! It must be served on a tray.  It's generally made very sweet with sugar and milk (sometimes condensed milk). If offered, don't refuse. Especially if it's been offered by your administrator. Take it and sip. But careful as I find it is usually scalding.  When done the tiny cups are usually placed back on the tray in stacks (most don't have handles).


The Arabic like to entertain/host so owning a serving tray is essential. Or so my hubby tried to tell me when we got married.  They also love large, large volumes of food. Think everyday is Thanksgiving and you'll get the picture. Mounds and mounds of rice with pieces of meat on top is quite common. Although beware the meat could be sheep or goat which I find neither very tasty or appetizing and incredibly chewy.


There is blatant disregard for copy write laws here.  Rip offs of known chicken places (KFC) and coffee (Starbucks) can be found on local restaurant logos.  This was true in Jordan as well but with roadside "stores" that sported things like the Facebook logo.


Expect your English language and spelling skills to go down the toilet. Because 99% of the population here are not native English speakers you will find yourself saying things like, "I call Baba you no good listening" or "I want same same" (accompanied with pointing and lots of pantomiming).  The more broken your English the better the maintenance man will understand that you need want your leaky toilet fixed.  And it will get fixed inshallah...after prayer time or dinner or his nap or next week...

You will also have fun playing spot the spelling errors when out to dinner with friends. And cracking up over menu items like this:


Yes, you can really order and eat camel if you choose. I have not chosen (I have a delicate stomach that prefers fast food, chicken, and beef) but I hear it's tough and chewy and tastes like chicken. Let me know if you decide to try it. I'll be taking your word on that.

That's it for today. Happy Monday to my stateside friends and an almost happy hump day to my UAE friends.
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