Sunday, September 27, 2015

Extra Pencil Organization Freebie

My post this week will be short and sweet as I've been very, very sick for many days.  Tomorrow I'm returning to work.  Wish me luck!  Luckily (or unluckily) my illness has fallen during an extra 2 days off for Eid.

If you live in the UAE like me, you might have seen these silverware containers.

They are everywhere and come in a variety of colors.  I stopped using mine in my kitchen (it gets pretty gross after awhile and who wants to put clean silverware in it after that?).  After staring at it empty on my counter for quite some time (like a year or two...) I finally got an idea to repurpose it.

Ta-da!  My new pencil thingamajiggy.  I'm using this one for my sharpened/needs sharpened pencil cups.  I love that they are connected together.  I've tried the separated cups in the past and they work but this is one less thing to worry about getting lost or when they don't get put back in the same spot. Of course I also thought of a few other things you could do with this container.  It makes a great sorting center - just switch out the sign and you have a completely different center with no extra things to purchase or store!  (Perfect since I don't have room for a ton of things).

I'm thinking I could also do some science sorts (day and night, weather) or some more math sorts (shapes), even letter sorts (stick/no stick).  I might have to go buy one more container though since I am using mine for the pencils.

Grab the freebie here to make your own.  Happy Monday!

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