Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Oh, What a Day

Week, and month! 

My new school seemed great when I went there and took a tour. Seemed being the key word here. Tomorrow I finish my second full week so I thought I would post a little list of the things I haven't done.

1. Learned all 21 kiddos names. Is it sad that most of them look so similar to me I have a hard time telling Ali from Mohammed? Yup, probably.
2. Gotten my foot peed on. Nope, wasn't me. And if you ask I will deny, deny, deny. But it came thisclose. Where are Clorox wipes when you need them?
3. Taken daily assessments. Ana ismay? (Forgive me if you know Arabic and I totally butchered this). I keep having to ask kids their name in Arabic (which I only pretend to speak if you are keeping track) and after 9 out of 10 kids stare at me mutely I've got to wonder, is it me? I can't really record anectotal notes if I don't know who the heck you are! And running to the "Who's Here Today" chart doesn't help because those pictures are totally distorted.
4. Taught a lesson.  I will just leave it at that, sad as it sounds.  And no, behavior is not the reason.
5. Speaking of behavior...lost all control of the class in the cafeteria. See #2 and let's deny, deny, deny again.
6. Witnessed my co teacher run into the classroom to announce the principal and her sidekick were coming and then scream at the kids to be on task. Yeah, that surely didn't happen either.
7. See my co teacher berate a four year old for bursting into tears during the morning assembly end of unit celebration for not knowing what to do and being scared in front of the whole school. Not that I saw her late after school the day before finishing the cardboard bus prop which meant the students arrived the next day with zero chance of rehearsing.  *sigh*
8. Went home on time 9 out of 9 days. Oh, I wish this one wasn't true but it seems to be the school norm like I'm not needing to breast feed a two month old at home (30 minutes away).  I can deal with most of the other stuff but this one really bugs me.  If you say I can leave at one three days a week don't call last minute meetings or place stipulations on what earns me the right to leave at my scheduled time.

Well, tomorrow is Thursday which is our Friday since my work week starts on Sunday. Stay tuned and I'll get some pics about the classroom up soon. Inshallah.
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