Friday, November 28, 2014

Five for Friday Time!

I'm linking up again with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday.

How fun are these masks?  A student brought them in for a gift but the class wasn't able to take them home until this week.  I love how it makes crazy hair.  So cute!

The UAE might not recognize Thanksgiving as a holiday (no time off for me!) but it does conveniently fall close to their National Day (sort of like Independence Day).  This means the kiddos got to have a party on Thursday.  They celebrated with candy (of course) and someone brought in another cake.  I think this makes cake number 4 since October.

The students practiced for the Thursday National Day celebrations for two weeks.  All specials were cancelled so the students could practice, practice, practice.  Remember this is a kindergarten school.  By practice I mean they were yelled at....oh well.  The day of the performance they looked super cute. Even if you couldn't tell they practiced their little butts off for DAYS.  Then last minute (day before) a note goes home saying parents are not allowed to come to the celebration...but they came anyway. Confused? Yes. But this kind of thing is normal here... This picture is not my class.  I did not get  a picture of them and their cute pom-pom routine because my co-teacher forced had me on recording duty during their performance.  I won't tell you she stood there empty handed while I held a camera AND a phone and tried to record for myself. 

Happy Turkey Day (a day late)! I celebrated, as usual, with friends since my family is what feels like a billion miles away.  I did call my sister but she was up in the mountains and had no cell reception.  But I left her a lovely voice mail and she said she cried happy tears when she listened to it. This year my husband couldn't get the night off of work so I took the baby and drove up to Abu Dhabi for dinner. It was nice being with old and new friends.
It was a crazy, crazy week (aren't they all)?  So rather than bore you with a picture of data assessment or some such thing (not much quality teaching this week with the celebration practices), I will tell you that my fifth thing is my 3 month old (almost 4 - sniff) learned to suck her thumb this week.  I brought her home from daycare and caught her in the act.  Adorable!

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