Friday, November 7, 2014

Five for Friday Time!

It's Friday! So that means I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five for Friday Linky!

Let's get started!

This week in KG1 it's all about families and our five senses.  If you've checked out my Facebook page then you know we have parents coming in and volunteering each day.  It's been interesting watching them bring in prepared lessons to share with the kids...very interesting.  This mom brought in these cute paper armbands for all the students.  Each armband was labeled with one of the five senses.  Wow, what a great idea! I thought.  Except all we did was spend lots of time tying and retying them on kids.  Nothing actually happened with the armbands.  But it's a cool idea if it was incorporated into a lesson somehow...except in the future I'd laminate them.  Those little buggers wound up ripped off and crumpled all over the classroom carpet.

Oh, and just so you know, every mom brought in treats (snacks and gifts) for all the students.  That's a lot of snacks and gifts every day on top of their already built in daily snack.  Here you can see the fruit cup that was brought in this day.  And of course each mom that comes tries to outdo the last mom. Because everyone talks and shares in the UAE and you cannot be undone by the last person that came. Oh no.

This picture totally cracks me up.  It was brought in by another parent (different mom than the one above).  It looks just like her daughter. I wish I could show you a comparison but you'll just have to take my word for it.  She's even wearing her sport (P.E.) clothes.

We are learning our number recognition as well.  I whipped these up because our current playdough mats have incorrect number fonts (according to my HOF - head of faculty).  So out with the old, in with the new.  This kiddo is putting the circles in the ten frame the Arabic way (right to left).  Whatever works, right?  You can find your own mats here if you are interested.

I was asked to create the science centers for this week (a new activity each day focused on one of the senses).  So being obedient, I did.  But then my co teacher ("co" being completely optional) did not utilize the center.  Or let me tell the students about it.  But I thought it was cute.  I mean just look at those colorful socks!

This is the dramatic play center.  Yes, in the UAE we are allowed to have these. In fact, they play all day (but that's a whole other story and not accurate for all schools)...  Anyway, can you see this fella in the back?  He is so funny.  This is him all day.  I love the kiddos.  Most of them.

Next week is my first formal observation/evaluation at my new school.  I'm a little lot freaked out about it.  Stay tuned and I'll tell you how it went.

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