Thursday, May 7, 2015

Currently May

It's a new month which must mean it's time for another Currently linky party with Farley over there at Oh, Boy Fourth Grade.


Right now I'm working on the computer (of course!) and half watching Breaking Bad on Netflix.  I can't decide if I like it but I can't seem to stop watching episode after episode.  I'm up to Season 3 now.


I am getting some products finished and posted on TpT and instead of spending a ton at the sale this week I found some great freebies a few days ago.


It's after midnight and its been a looooong week so I should be sleeping.


I would love more time with my family.  Fun time.  Free time.  Time not taken over by entering grades, writing lesson plans, working on school things.  But aside from that I would love more time to see Mr. Doodlette.  Poor guy works really long hours and we get to see each other less than 3 hours a day. When we're lucky.  Makes me super sad just thinking about it. 


A relaxing vacation on the beach.  My sister in-laws are in the Maldives right now and the pictures! I really wish I was there with a big old daiquiri in my hand and a great book on the kindle.

Summer, Yes, Hope, Dream

This summer I'm going back to America for my annual visit.  I skipped last year though because I was pregnant.  I always fly into Vegas and I'm pretty bummed I'm coming the day after the big hoopa with all the teachers.  I got to go the year before last and it was an amazing trip.  I'm still hoping I can swing getting out of school a day or two early but I think that's just a dream.

What's your Currently?  Come and join up at Farley's.

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  1. I think it is amazing that you teach abroad! Do you love it?!
    And I completely agree with the beach vacation... I think we all need one!

    1. Holly,
      It's sometimes a love/hate relationship teaching abroad. The culture differences can be quite a shock at times - even almost 3 years later!

  2. LOL! I love that you're "half watching" Breaking Bad. I half watch things all the time :) I hope your dream comes true and you're able to get out early!

    Made with Love


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