Sunday, May 31, 2015

Building Oral Skills with Daily Reflection Time

Just check out this kiddo's confidence!  He's rocking the mic and excited to share his learning. This can happen in your classroom too.  Daily reflection time is a powerful tool that needs to be in your toolbox.

What It Is

At my school (100% English Language Learners or ELLs), daily reflection time is 15 minutes at the end of every day where selected students share their learning for that day.  Students are given a toy microphone and asked to stand at the front of the class.  They will either reflect on written work (holding up their paper and discussing what they did) or talk about a picture of themselves taken during centers that day.  This time is very scaffolded and all students know what to expect when it is their time to share shine.

Getting Started

You may already be doing some daily reflection in your classroom - better known as Author's Chair or Sharing Time.  Which is great but if you have ELL students like I do there is a way to make this time even more engaging and meaningful.

First, reflect about your class.  What oral skills are they still developing?  What do they need support with?  What can you scaffold for them?  What questions will be asked and answered during this time? 

When thinking about your reflection time, remember consistency is the key for your ELL students. They need to know exactly what will happen and what they need to say.  In my experience, these students are often very shy and intimidated to participate at first.  But continuous modeling and practice will pay off.

My Classroom Example

Throughout the day myself or my co-teacher will take pictures of the students working (especially for the activities that have no paper product).  Depending on the time, we will pick about 5 students to share their work.  Because we are a Pre-K classroom, our reflection time is structured to build basic English skills.  I would ask a different set of questions if this was a first grade classroom or if my students had already mastered these sentences.

We start by announcing it is Reflection Time. Next, we chose a student's work or picture to show. Ask, "Who is this?"

The student who's work it is will answer, "This is me."

Class:  "What's your name?"

Student: "My name is _____."

Class:  "What are you learning?"

Student: "I am learning to______."  (count shapes, name living things, etc)

My classroom is a bilingual room (English and Arabic) so each question is asked and answered in both languages.  

Sharing his picture with the class during daily reflection

Materials Needed

None :)  except for a camera if you do not have paper products to show.  For example, if you do lots of center activities without recording sheets you would simply view the picture of the students completing the center.

I promise, you will see lots of engagement and English skill improvement by adding a daily reflection time.  Students need to be able to articulate their learning and work on their speaking and listening skills.  This accomplishes it all!  

I would love to hear from you.  Feel free to leave a comment or question below.  Happy reflecting!
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