Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March Currently

Once again I am linking up with Oh Boy Fourth Grade for another edition of Currently.

While hubby is out on a dinner run (no cooking for me today!) the house is quiet and the TV is off. Which gives me the perfect opportunity to listen to my little girl napping...and snoring since she has the never ending upper respiratory infection.  I'm also listening to some hallway noise of our neighbors.  Everything is tile here and echoes. A lot. So I hear all when someone is walking or hanging out (as my lovely neighbors tend to do) in the hallway.

I am loving my drive today.  I'll be perfectly honest with you - I'm pretty darn lazy since the baby was born (7 months ago).  Okay, okay.  I said I'd be honest.  I was lazy during the pregnancy too but at least then I could say I was growing a human being.  It was a legitimate excuse. Anyway, today I actually had a bit of motivation and cooked up some baby food (plum and apple), baked some brownies, washed all the dishes and even did some work on the computer.  And of course I fed and played with the baby PLUS had a lovely little nap.  Usually it's just the nap and watching TV then eating and going to bed.  So I feel pretty productive for a school day.

There is always, always too much to do.  When you don't have any drive like I have been lately, it seems like I never get caught up.  I'm feeling pretty burnt out lately.  This second term is the longest and has no breaks!

I just transferred to this kindergarten school this year but I already find myself wanting a change to another school for next year.  I don't really want to go into details but certain things in the school have contributed a large part of me not wanting to do anything.  It's getting depressing driving into work everyday knowing what waits me when I get there.  Unfortunately, the transfer process isn't the easiest in the world.  First my principal must approve my transfer paperwork and then it's voted on by a committee...I'm not really sure my paperwork will be signed.  I need a good reason for wanting to leave other than "you suck the life out of this profession."  Ideas?

I am really needing some serious motivation.  See above for reasons.

Spring Break Plans
My plans are to relax and enjoy the time with my family.  At the moment I hope to finish up some projects on the computer, sleep in late (baby allowing), and enjoying American shows through Hulu. Maybe even a movie or two on Netflix.

That's my Currently.  What are you up to?

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  1. I am so sorry that your school year isn't going great. Spring break is near and hopefully you will be able to refresh and recharge. Good Luck!

  2. Your move sounds difficult - good luck


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