Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April Currently

It's a new month so it must be time for the linky party with Farley from Oh Boy It's Fourth Grade.


The past few days I have been watching episode after episode of Dexter.  Apparently there are 7 seasons for me to catch up on.  Yikes.  So I have a little addiction and as soon as I wake up I need to click on the Roku and start watching.  Somebody stage an intervention!


That it is finally my time for Spring Break.  Oh, couch and TV how I've missed lazy days together! The sleeping in thing hasn't been happening (small baby in the house) but at least there are sometimes naps and all day pajamas.


I had a list.  I should be productive accomplishing things I have been waiting weeks to get caught up on.  Before I know it my break will be over.


I really wish my family and I could take a little vacation.  Unfortunately, Mr. Doodlette does not get any time off from work to join me on my break.  Hopefully this summer we can have a vacation together. Fingers crossed!


A haircut and new glasses.  I just find it so hard to put aside some time for me to get these things done. I'm about to take the scissors in my own hands...

Eggs-plain Your Name

I thought the name sounded cute, it reminded me of pieces of teaching moments which is what I want this blog to be.  Bits and pieces about my teaching life - little teaching doodles.

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  1. I found you through the Currently linky! I am just starting my spring break as well! I wish I could sleep in, but I also have a baby in the house. We slept until 9:30 today though so I guess that is kind of sleeping in! Have a wonderful break! :)

    Sliding into First!

    1. Cait,
      Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, 9:30 IS sleeping in with a baby. I know that feeling well!

  2. Hi Susan, I also found you through the Currently Linky. I just began my much NEEDed spring break, and am although I no longer have babies in my house I am babysitting my 15month old grandbaby. She is cracking me up with all her busy-ness. And I just took scissors to my bangs! Enjoy your break. Your newest follower!
    First Grade by the Sea

    1. I might just follow your example and take up the scissors....if I didn't have bad history with my mom cutting my bangs to one inch when I was little.

  3. Hi Susan,
    Happy Spring Break! I'm loving mine too. No schedule, no demands and I can sit in my pjs all day if I want! The Mister doesn't understand the absolute joy of spending 24+ hours in pajamas. Fortunately, I do and am happy to spend an extra day in pjs for him haha :)

    The Caffeinated Teacher

    1. Our husbands should hang out and let us have our pj days. :) I love the name of your blog and am heading over there now to check it out. Thanks for stopping by mine.

  4. Enjoy your Spring Break! You have permission to sit around a do a whole lot of nothing :)

    Made with Love


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