Friday, July 3, 2015

Currently July

Hello July!  It took you long enough to get here.  I just wish you weren't so hot.  But now that you are here it means it's time for Currently with Farley.


To the sounds of my neighbors moving...oh the life of an expat!  Summertime and end of the school year means that what seems like thousands of teachers finish their 2 year contracts and head back home.  So every July it's crazy mass moving going on over here.  My neighbors have been making noises since yesterday.  That sound of metal dropping on tile noise?  I can so live without it.  Finish already!  My hubby and I are hoping praying are new neighbors are a bit more considerate and take their conversations out of the hallway where everything echoes.  Has the Middle East never heard of carpets?  Or sound proofing?


My trip back home to the States is in 4 days!  To say I've been homesick this year would be an understatement.  I finished my 2 year contract and extended it for a 3rd year (that was this year) so all year I was thinking "I'm supposed to be done and home now."  But when contract extensions came out I was pregnant and couldn't travel home anyway so I just said I'll do another year.  Then this year I signed up for another year again...there are so many good reasons to stay I just couldn't go home yet. As much as I miss my family.  And bacon.  And easy trips to grocery stores that carry my food that I love.

Back to Loving....

I am going to Vegas again this year. Which in itself is not exciting because I usually fly into Vegas every time I go home and my family and I have been many times.  The exciting part is that I'm going to be a part of the TpT Sellers Conference.  That has me beyond excited.  I'm working hard this year at building my store and this little blog.  Because I love it.  Because creating on the computer makes me happy.  When I finish a product (or sometimes while I'm still working on one) I'll just sit back and look at it and smile, proud of myself.  Please tell me I'm not alone here!


I have tons to do before my trip!  I'm getting stressed out and my eczema is flaring up. Stress!  My to do lists have to do lists.  I can't even focus and wrap my head around all the things I want and should accomplish before I take off in 4 days.  I did get a few things done yesterday.  I bought some fruit purees for the plane for baby girl, ordered new glasses (hopefully ready on Monday), joined the world of smartphones (after 3 years of downgrading and not having one), and picked up my residency renewal visa from my employer.  At least the visa thing is crossed off my list.  Now I just need that pesky ID to be done...


A relaxing vacation.  

This is something only other expats truly understand.  (Sorry guys but it's true).  Whenever you travel home, it's called a vacation but it's really not a vacation.  Since you might be home only once a year you have no choice but to do hundreds of little things when you are home that are just too difficult to get done from overseas.  Well, I haven't mastered that yet.  

For me this includes:

Finding an accountant
Visiting the bank and my mortgage guy
Mailing my taxes (yes I know it's July...)
Going to the SS office (not looking forward to that)
Visiting the teaching certification office (ditto to above)
Contacting my old superintendent
Paperwork for my hubby

I'm sure I'm forgetting something...but you get the idea.  I wouldn't do these things on a true vacation but they have to be done when I'm home.  There's just no way around it.  So I'll use my 3 days in Vegas to relax and chill, hang out with new bloggy buddies and fellow TpTers, plus spending time with my mom and sister who have graciously agreed to attend this crazy event (well, hide in the hotel room while I attend) so I have a babysitter for my 11-month old.  If you see all of us, say hi!


A super sonic jet plane to fly me home.  Seriously, it's 18 hrs 45 min flight time with a 3 hr 45 min layover in Zurich.  This makes it a total trip time of 22 hrs 30 min if no delays.  Unfortunately it'll just be me and baby girl.  With her flying on my lap.  Not really looking forward to it.  That's a long time with an 11 month old who grabs at everything (including my hair and glasses).  I fly on Wednesday and get in Vegas on Wednesday.  Crazy!  Then we do it all over again to come back. But at least that's in August.

All Star

I'm stealing this one from my friend Amy at Teaching in Blue Jeans.  I am a procrastinator. I would have loved to say I'm all all star organizer.  Or list maker.  I do love lists.  But the problem is I write lists and never check them off.  At least not all the way.  I hate cleaning and putting away the laundry. It drives my husband crazy.  I'm last minute Susan over here.  Really.  I just ordered my business cards for the conference a couple days ago.  They are supposed to arrive the day before.  Fingers crossed!

Make sure you head over to Farley and read all about the other Currentlys.  And follow me on Instagram where I'm linking up with A Dab of Glue Will Do for 50% off Fridays all summer long. Here's this Friday's treat (click on the picture to find the product):

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  1. You live in the UAE!! 3 of my cousins graduated from the ASDubai :) My Aunt and Uncle lived there for several year, but have since moved back to South Africa (where my Uncle is from). I'm always complaining about the Texas heat...but I suppose it could always be worse!! Have fun on your trip back home.

    1. Tricia,

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, the heat could be worse. We were even experiencing a heat wave here in Al Ain a month ago...I wish my family lived in a colder part of the US. I know and have several friends here from South Africa. They are amazing and generous people.


  2. I envy your teaching job overseas! I also love those name tags. I will have to check out your TPT store.
    Faith Filled Teaching

    1. Thanks Becca! I'm pretty in love with those name tags too. I can't wait to get my class list and start using them. Because I teach ELL kiddos overseas I added green and red "reading" dots on the sides of the name tags for a visual reminder where to read or start printing from. They are just a dollar today and I'm working on some other coordinating products coming soon. :)


  3. So excited to see you Susan!!! Can't wait until next week!

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  5. Have a fabulous time in Vegas! I'm sure you'll learn loads and have a great time! I am so jealous of you teaching overseas! Sounds fabulous, although I'm sure you must get homesick, the opportunity is still a fantastic one!

    Teaching Autism


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