Thursday, April 25, 2013

Writing and Reading Goals

After that great teacher moment with writing that I blogged about awhile ago, I decided to make some goal posters.  I found an amazing one from Zeek's Zoo that I needed to tweak for my ELL kiddos.  Here are my end results.

As you can see, I only changed a few things from the Zeek's Zoo posters.  They call periods full stops over here, so I had to change that one.  Then I wanted to add a writes left to right goal since in Arabic their writing is right to left and we have been working hard all year to learn that one.  Last, I added the sound it out goal.  This will help me track who needs help with stretching out their sounds to write words.
Next I added little post-it flags to the poster with the student names and placed them on the goal I decided they were ready to work on.  You can see two colors (I teach two sets of classes).

Grab your copy of my changes here.

Creating the writing goals made me think about reading goals.  The culture here is very competitive so I thought, "Why not use that?"  I created a small reading goal poster for sight words and abc letters/sounds (the most important ones I want mastered before second grade) and stuck that baby up on the wall. When kids pass the goal, we have a mini celebration and their name is written on the poster.  Sadly, I have almost no one on the poster (insert crickets chirping here).  *sigh*

Excuse the poor quality of the pics but you get the idea.

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