Monday, September 8, 2014

Currently September...Already?

Where did the time go?  My baby girl is already a month which means maternity leave is more than half over.  Nooooo!!!!

Today I am linking up with Farley of Oh Boy Fourth Grade for my first ever Currently.  Hopefully not the last either ;)


to my newborn snore.  It's the cutest sound!  I read online somewhere that newborns sound like little pug dogs and it's true.  I'm in love with listening to her so I currently have the TV sound on mute.


my amazing hubby.  He's been so kind, generous, and loving since the baby's been born despite my out of control hormones and super crazy moments.  I've been finding it hard adjusting to my new life as a 24-hour-no time is my time Mom.  Mr. Doodlette has been pretty great being understanding of it all.  Best, he always asks me what I need so whether it's hugs or food he's willing to give/bring it to me.


about blog posts, including this one as I write it.  Planning my next posts and trying to be proactive about blogging.  I figure if I start now and develop the habit while I have a little time it will be easier when I'm back in the classroom.  I'm also thinking about my ever expanding to do lists, but that's another story.


more time.  More time for blogging, more time for creating, more time for planning, more time for cuddling (both with hubby and with baby), more time with family.  Just more time.


sleep and a shower.  Not necessarily in that order but if I could get both daily it would be a bonus!

3 Trips

Maldives, Paris, Germany.  
Oh, the Maldives.  Who doesn't want a relaxing beach vacation?  I'm a little upset and jealous that some of my UAE friends have planned a trip here for our next break and I wasn't invited.  Hello?!  Just because I'm a new mom doesn't mean I can't go on a short vacation.  Heck, even joining them for 2 days would have been nice.

Paris.  Yes, the same friends (I am seeing a trend, are you?) went here this summer.  I couldn't go as I was pregnant and on the no-fly list.  But the first time I go I want it to be a romantic getaway with Mr. Doodlette.  I can just picture the cute little bistro and us sipping coffee and eating croissants.

Germany.  I've always wanted to go to Germany during Christmas season.  Two years in a row I thought it was going to happen but it hasn't.  Maybe for 2015.

What's your Currently?  Link up with Farley and join in.


  1. I just linked up for my first currently, also. Congratulations on your new baby! Soak it all up now because time goes by so quickly!

    1. Thanks Cathy! I'm trying to enjoy every sleep deprived minute. :)

  2. This is my first link up, too! It's great that your husband is so supportive. Congratulations on your new little bundle of joy!

    Dee Dee

    1. Thanks Dee Dee! Hopefully I'll see you on next month's Currently and then we won't be newbies anymore.

  3. How exciting and sad for you!! Sad because your maternity leave is almost up!! I hated having to go back to work after my oldest was born. Luckily I stayed home for 8 years and ran a family child care program out of our home while all 3 of ours were little! I miss that time! They were so easy to manipulate! Now they are 20 something and driving me nuts most days!! Enjoy every moment with her.. she will be talking before you can blink!


    1. How lucky you were able to spend so much time with your kids when they were younger. Unfortunately that's just not an option for me since my housing accommodation is tied to my employment here! Maybe when your kids are 30 something they'll stop driving you nuts - that's what happened between my mom and I.


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