Thursday, March 20, 2014

Typical Day in the UAE

Today was a typical day towards the end of the trimester in the UAE.  I only had 17 of my 26 kiddos in my homeroom class show up today and it was a field trip day!  Okay, I admit I was a little shocked at that one.  What makes it typical?

1.  Kids tend to stop showing near a break (Spring Break in 2 weeks).
2.  I was notified of the field trip on Tuesday (today is Thursday) through the weekly newsletter.  Which meant cancelling teaching for the day and report cards are due next week.  (Can you say HELP??!  I need the students in class to finish assessments).
3. Students were leaving early for parent-teacher conferences.  Which was also only notified through newsletter.  And the leadership team (minus the principal) had no idea until this morning that we were dismissing early.
4. The weather was so hot that in the second half of our 2 hour trip to the park two of the kiddos started showing signs of heat exhaustion.  Mind you we live in the Sahara Desert, it is only March, and the park has no shade structures.
5. Only three parents of my 51 students showed to discuss student progress. :(

But it was an enjoyable day at the park (minus  just a couple issues).  How was your day?

Such a gorgeous setting!

Did not have my camera today, this is from a teacher only field trip to the park before Christmas break.  But this time as well we sat on blankets on the grass.  One of the locate teachers made sandwiches and pasta so we ate while the kids played.

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