Saturday, July 21, 2012

Word Wall Wallet Assessment Binder

Sorry for the delay!  My wonderful Word Wall Wallets also come complete with everything you need to put together an assessment binder to make your principal proud.

Individual Student Record
Binder Cover

Class Overview - At a Glance

For the Class Overview page, just simply write in which list your students are currently practicing.  This will allow you to easily create partners that are on the same list.

Keeping track of an individual student is as simple as following the Student Testing Page.  I like to place a copy of all the lists (pre-primer, primer, etc) under the tab for each student.  By labeling the tabs by student number, I don't have to rename the tabs everytime a student moves away.
Please forgive the blurry pic, my phone doesn't take the best pictures!  My pretend student, Susana, was tested on Aug. 17th.  I have written this date off on the margin.  Then for each word she got correct within the 3 second rule, I gave her a checkmark.  For this example I stopped after the first row since Susana did not know most of the words.  These are the words I will assign her for practice during the week to be retested on Friday (or whatever day I have set aside for testing). 

In the past I have also tested all the words.  It really depends on the time you have available and your students.  If they are overwhelmed by the mounting pile of unknown words as you test, you might want to stop after a row or two.  Just test until you have at least a few words for them to practice.

Not shown here but included with the binder pages are a label for the binder spine and a testing schedule worksheet to help keep you on top of assessing.

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