Saturday, September 17, 2011

Welcome to Teaching Doodles!

The last several months I have fallen in love with reading teacher blogs.  I have been astounded at the creativity of my fellow colleagues and inspired to take my teaching to the next level.  Recently I have changed school districts and went from teaching first grade to teaching fourth and fifth grade gifted students.  Somedays I miss my first graders but most days I am astonished at the level my current students are grasping concepts and digging deeper to explore what I put in front of them.

Meet Harlie, the inspiration for my blog name.  My sister loves to call her Harliedoodles. 

I loved the sound of it and thought there wasn't a better name for my blog.  Looking at pictures of classrooms and anchor charts is one of my favorite things.  Although I don't plan on being completely random with my pictures, I like to think of them as doodles throughout my blog.

Join me as I write about teaching, my love of Mountain Dew, life with a crazy dog, and learning to transition.  But mostly about teaching and what is capturing my focus at the moment.

Let's become inspired together!

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