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I started my teaching career in Arizona at a Title I school where I stayed for several years teaching first. After that I tried my hand at part-time adult ESL classes at a local community college and gifted education with K-5.  I loved, loved those little gifted minds but unfortunately the position didn't last long.

Luckily (although I didn't think so at the time) some hardships I was experiencing led me to think "What the heck" and apply for a job teaching overseas.  In the Middle East no less.  I drove to Los Angeles from Phoenix for my interview and after some waiting to hear, I got the job.  This is currently my third year into what started as a two-year contract.  I spent my first two years teaching first grade (called grade one here) and now I'm teaching KG1 (pre-kindergarten).

Life Abroad

Where to start?  This could be a whole blog by itself.

Life here is wild and crazy.  Teaching is wild and crazy.  Driving is wild and crazy.  Everyday is new, different, frustrating, wonderful, fun, messy, strange, and thought-provoking. I have learned so much in my time here and learning more by the day. 

Everyone is always curious about what life is like in the Middle East.  It's actually safer than home as no one can carry weapons and people are afraid of the police.  Just the threat of waving your phone around and saying you will call them is enough to have someone leave you alone.  Living here is one of my favorite topics.  If you are curious about anything or want to hear more (or read a blog post on a specific topic), just drop me a line.


My family has recently expanded to now include a husband and daughter.  We just can't get enough of those chubby little baby cheeks!


My hobbies are fewer than they used to be - these days it's pretty much work and family (do they count as hobbies?) and making projects for TpT and my classroom.  There are no Michael's or Hobby Lobby's in the UAE (coming soon?????  please??) so I no longer do all the things I once had a craft room to do (before the husband and kid). 

In my previous life I loved to:

write fiction stories
beadwork (jewelry making)
and ocassionally crochet but I have tried a lot of crafts at least once and am sure I'm missing a few here.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you visit again soon.

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